call out for AC1


architecture | concordia is looking for
submissions for their first publication.
this call-out is open to students and faculty
from ALL departments. 

submissions may include: essays / drawing
/ painting / informal writing / engineering
drawings / print media / video / design /
sculpture / photography / dig
ital renderings/ 

submit: send submissions / questions to with AC1 
as the subject. 

deadline: october 20th 2014 at 11:59 pm

We are so freaking excited about our upcoming joint show with Sonnezimmer at The Center for Book and Paper Arts. They made the coolest exhibition poster ever for the show. See you in January Chicago!

“Artistic discourse, certainly in it’s classic period (in the work of Kant, for instance), perpetually slides between actuality and the artwork. For Kant it is always first and foremost nature and our experience of nature that will furnish the setting for the sublime and the beautiful. But it is also the artwork that will really concretize this experience into something for aesthetic appreciation. Thus while Kant starts out with an engagement with nature, it is in the end the artwork that will offer the firmest assurance of longevity (and value) of such an experience.”
— Ben Highmore, Bitter after Taste

New ways of working.